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The Repairer of Choice

Feroz Bhaloda

Firstly it’s a warm welcome to our first Blog and official News post. As Bodyshop Manager and Director of Barlow Street Motors, I intend to do a monthly post, and cover all aspects of our business combined with giving you an insight into all the latest developments within the company. As it surprises people what we do… one minute their cars all damaged or scratched… the next it’s all repaired, completed and they are fascinated in what we do to achieve the results we do. And it’s this I will be expressing upon and posting images.

Today I’ll be starting off with the intense training programme we’ve all recently gone through to achieve BS 10125, which is an industry standard we work to a use and a strict guide to repair all vehicles, safely, correctly and right first time… every time. That’s why in the unfortunate event of an accident, you must ask if the bodyshops BS 10125 approved and check out their website first.

It’s taught me a few things that’s for sure. Part of my role is estimator, where I carry out an assessment to a damaged vehicle, highlighting all the area’s that can either be repaired or require replacement, depending upon the scale of the damage. As safety is always at the forefront of my mind when composing any estimate, regardless of cost.

Over the recent weeks, it’s not just myself that’s gone back to school, it’s also been out technicians. Rest assured we are already a highly skilled team, bodyshop and company and I embrace new training and see the importance, but it’s strange being back in the class room environment, and the thoughts of my previous teachers come back to haunt me.

Any training costs money, but when you’re repairing vehicles, dealing with insurance companies and are physically touching and working on the general public’s vehicle, it has to be repaired correctly and returned to the condition it was when it left the factory. Especially when there are lives and family’s involved. After all there are millions of vehicles on the roads, and have they all been repaired correctly? At least I know that all vehicles Barlow Street Motors have repaired are repaired correctly, as we have strict quality assured processes in-place at every stage of the repair.

Well we’ve done all our exams, passed individually and now we await our final inspection, which to be honest feels like you’ve just handed in a school project and are awaiting the feedback. You know you’ve done your home work, researched it, and the teacher tells you not to worry you’ll be fine and pass. You still have butterfly’s, which I believe are a good thing because here at Barlow Street Motors we care about our customers, reputation and service.

Check out our Twitter account for the results….

All the best and please feel free to call me.

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