Smart Repair

The Repairer of Choice


It is a sad fact of modern life that cars receive endless knocks, bumps and scrapes and usually when they are not even being driven. The shopping trolley is a great invention but has a lot to answer for! So why not take advantage of our “Same Day Repair Service”.

You, the proud owner want your car to look its best. Here at Barlow Street Motors we have the technology and the experience to seamlessly repair your car’s bodywork and paintwork to its pristine condition within our dedicated “Same Day Repair Bay”

‘I was amazed at the service I was given, it was excellent’
Mrs. Anna Groves


Our cosmetic repair service uses the latest ‘Smart Repair’ technologies to apply the minimum amount of restorative work and keep your costs down to a minimum too.

Our all-round cosmetic repair service will take care of all scratches to your paintwork whether they be metal bodywork or plastic components like bumpers. We can, at the same time, repair small body dents and, of course, we can fully refurbish alloy wheels to their original condition (although it is a bit harder to blame some of these blemishes on the infamous shopping trolley).